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I was looking for a tool to protect all my PDF files with copy and print restrictions. Protecting individual PDF files was very time consuming. Later I found Estelar PDF Defender and it worked like magic. It offers batch processing to protect multiple PDF files




Estelar PDF Defender offer Advanced PDF Security Solutions

Estelar PDF Defender Software – A Complete PDF Security Solution to Secure PDF files from unauthorized access with highest level of encryption i.e. 256 bit AES.

Your presence on this page signifies that you’re looking for some Advanced PDF Security Solutions to protect your PDF files or probably you are searching for a PDF Protection Software Solution. We may like to inform you that you have landed in the right place. But before going any further here are few words about what is PDF encryption is all about? PDF encryption is a process to secure a PDF file by encoding information so that only the person with a right key/password or with proper authority can use it. PDF encryption is a key to keep your personal and valuable information confidential. The information is made inexplicable by some mathematical calculations and algorithms.


Estelar PDF Defender Offer multiple PDF Security Solution to Protect PDF files

Sometimes PDF files do contain sensitive and confidential information that you cannot afford to share with unauthorized users at any cost. This list may include bank statements, audit reports, bid documents, price list, book etc. And for this purpose you need a PDF security solution to encrypt your PDF files by using open or user password. There are also possibilities when as a user you want to share some information with a number of people in PDF file format but you don’t want them to print, copy or edit that PDF document. In that case again need to protect PDF file by using owner password protection.


Protecting a PDF file with password gives the user surety that content won't be available to anyone even if the document gets lost, provided you haven't shared the password with them. So it would be a wise decision to protect PDF files with before sending them to someone as an email attachment or uploading them somewhere.


Advanced PDF Security Solution by Estelar PDF Defender Software

IF you’re constantly thinking about how to encrypt a PDF file; Estelar PDF Defender Tool is something that can end your quest right now! PDF Defender Tool by Estelar group is a fast and reliable PDF security solution to set PDF password security restrictions to secure PDF files. With this handy tool you can either restrict complete access to your PDF document or limit access to some features of your PDF document like you can forbid printing, editing, copying and page extraction of your PDF document. You can protect your PDF file on two possible ways:


Set an Open or User Password: With this tool you can encrypt your PDF file with user password so that only person with correct password can open it.

Set an Owner Password: By setting an owner password you can forbid an unauthorized user to perform some specific actions like copying, printing and editing.


Key Features of our PDF Security Solution Software

If you're still unsure about wheather this PDF Protection Software will work for you or not then give a free try and download the trial version for free of cost to evaluate it before purchasing the licensed version. The demo version is meant to evaluate the features and performance of the software and it can successfully place all the restrictions on your PDF files but leaves a watermark on protected file. Our evaluation version will help you to determine the extent to which our software will helpful to you.


  • Supports both user and owner password.
  • Easy to use with In-built screen instructions.
  • Maintains the file structure and formatting of encrypted file.
  • Protect PDF file from RC 40-Bit to 256-Bit AES encryption.
  • Supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 Operating Systems .
  • Stand-Alone Utility: Does not need Acrobat Acrobat installed .
  • Can Encrypt multiple PDF files at the same time


Now you can also download the free trail verion of Estelar PDF Defender on our shareware partner - File Fishstick